2015 Inductees

Honour Roll 2015
2015 Honour Roll

Legend Category – Inductees Who Are No Longer With Us:
GM Lee Won Kuk (1907-2002); GM Kwang Kee (1914-2002; GM Lee Nam Suk (1925-2000)

Living Legend Category – Inductees with 60+ years in the arts:
GM K.S.Hwang

Pioneer Category – Inductees with 50+ years in the arts:
GM Michael Romines; GM Michael DeAlba; GM Ozzie Wright Sr; GM Donald Drumm,

Trailblazer Category – Inductees with 35+ years in the arts:
GM In Wan Kim, GM Jimmie Mickens, HM Julio Torres

Competitor Category – Inductees who are World Class Competitors:
HM Don Mark Williams, KJN Jade Hwang

Contributor Category: Inductees who have contributed in various ways.
CM Thomas Gordon (Founder Korean Martial Arts Festival)


Biographies 2015 Page (under construction)

The Biographies of the 2015 Inductees are not all available yet, I will update this page as soon as possible.  My apologies for the inconvenience.

Legends Category

Grandmaster K.S. Hwang: 9th Dahn – Tae Kwon Do (K-9-1)

Grand Master Hwang was born in Teagu Korea, and he began his martial arts training when he was just eleven years old.  He graduated with a degree in Political Science from KyungPook National University, and shortly afterward he joined the Republic of Korea’s Army as a commissioned officer in 1964.  He served as a Korean Airborne and Ranger officer in Vietnam.   He taught Taekwon-Do to the famed Korean Tiger Division, the Korean Army, the US Army, US Marines, as well as the Vietnamese Army.

In 1971, Grand Master Hwang was invited to the US, and in 1972 he opened his first
Taekwon-Do school. In 1974 Grand Master Hwang graduated from the first ITF Instructors course held by General Choi, HongHi in Canada.  He also graduated from
the ITF Umpires course.  Grand Master Hwang was promoted to ninth dahn on the same day as Grand Master Rhee of the UK, and Grand Master Sereff of the US.

Grand Master Hwang has served as Director of the USA Junior Taekwon-Do team every Junior World Championships since 1990, and he was also the 1989 and 1992 USA Senior Taekwon-Do Team Director.  In addition, Grand Master Hwang served as special assistant to General Choi, was the Official Spokesman of the ITF, was the ITF Secretary General, and he served as Chairman of the ITF Promotion and Merger Committees.

Grand Master Hwang currently oversees many schools throughout the world, and he spends much of his time traveling to present seminars in places such as: the US, Aruba, Australia, Canada, Greece, Italy, India, Ireland, Mexico and the Philippines.


Pioneers Category

Grandmaster Michael DeAlba: 10th Dahn – Farang Mu Sool

GM DeAlba and I go back a considerable time, and I have enjoyed working with him in places like Orlando, Chicago, Fort Hood, Canada, and Olympia, Washington. GM DeAlba is perhaps best known for his awesome skills with the knife, although he is equally proficient in all traditional Korean weapons.

Grandmaster Michael De Alba is a lifelong student of the Martial Arts, with over 35 yr. in the arts. His training includes a wide variety of systems, but his major has been Korean styles such as; Hwa Rang Do, Hap Ki Do, Do Hap Sul, Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sool Won, Sun Moo Do and others. He trained in Korea as well as other Asian countries. While in the military he taught various special units (i.e.: Seals, Rangers, etc.). Grand Master De Alba has trained with many great Masters from diverse systems. He has achieved black belts in several arts and is considered one of the most innovative and knowledgeable instructors today. He is in great demand for seminars and demonstrations around the U.S. and abroad (especially his Combative Knife Fighting and Grappling seminars).

Grandmaster De Alba has developed the De Alba System of Modern Farang Mu Sul ®. This roughly translates as “the Fighting Art of the Farang Warriors”. Modern Farang Mu Sul ® is an amalgamation of various arts in De Alba”s repertoire, but traces it’s main roots to four versions of “Classical Hwa Rang Do”.  Some of the main distinguishing aspects of Modern Farang Mu Sul ® are it’s focus on practical self defense and it’s quite progressive approach to improvement of the art and the individual student. De Alba”s specialties include conventional and unconventional weapons as well as Close Quarter Combat. His teaching methods reflect a diversity of skills with a definite focus on effective self defense.

Grandmaster De Alba holds the position of Founder, President of the art of Modern Farang Mu Sul ®, with representative schools branches across the USA, Europe, Puerto Rico and South America. His title and rank have been awarded and recognized by some of the most respected martial artists in the world coming from such prestigious organizations such as ATAMA (American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts), MACS (Martial Arts Collective Society), WMAA (World Martial Arts Alliance), WHFSC (World Head of Family Sokeship Council), International Chosondo Federation, National Korean Martial Arts Association, The Society of Hwa Rang, and others. 

He is a published author and has appeared in numerous international Martial Arts magazines. He has also produced a series of instructional video tapes and training manuals exposing a number of specialized areas of Modern Farang Mu Sul ® to the general public.

Bio taken from GM DeAlba’s website.


gmRomines 2
Grandmaster Michael Romines: 9th Dahn – Tang Soo Do

Grandmaster M. Romines’ Martial Arts studies began in 1963 in Judo and Shotokan; he eventually received black belt ranks in both arts.

His study of Tang Soo Do began in 1965 under Grandmaster Sang Kyu Shim. Since then GM Romines has had the privilege to study under Grandmaster Hwang Kee, C.I. Kim, H. Murphy, J. Kleinfeld, Jae Chul Shin and Grandmaster William Clingan. GM Romines was awarded his 1st – 5th dans from the Korean Tang Soo Do Association. In 2006 GM Romines was awarded his 8th dan and Grandmaster certification from the All American Tang Soo Do Association. GM Romines then received his 9th Dan in 2013 from UMAB.

In 1974 GM Romines began the study of Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Humesky. In 2012 GM Romines was awarded his 8th Dan, Grandmaster certification in Tae Kwon Do from GM E. Humesky, from the UTB. GM Romines takes pride in the fact he is GM Humesky’s most senior student.

Personal History:
M. Romines was born in Flint Michigan. He is now retired from the Automotive Industry. M. Romines takes pride in his Native (Cherokee), heritage and volunteers much of his time at the North American Indian Association in Detroit Michigan. In his spare time he enjoys golfing and attending Pow Wow’s.

GM Romines has also studied Modern Arnis under founder Grandmaster Remy Presas and Aikido under founder Grandmaster Yujishiba.

GM Romines has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Who’s Who in the Martial Arts.

GM Romines served in several positions in the World Tang Soo Do Association, including Technical Advisory Chairman.

In 2013 GM Romines celebrated 50 years in the Martial Arts.


Grandmaster Ozzie Wright: 9th Dahn – Tae Kwon Do

GM Wright began his martial arts training while stationed with the United States Army in the Republic of South Korea in 1969. There he achieved the rank of First Degree Black Belt, and now ranks as Grand Master 9th Degree Black Belt.  As one of the foremost martial arts instructors in the United States, Grandmaster Wright opened and maintains several martial arts schools in Philadelphia, New York, and Massachusetts.

Concurrently with his martial arts career, Grandmaster Wright earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Temple University, a Master of Science Degree from Saint Joseph’s University and postgraduate studies at Cheney University. He is currently the administrator with the School District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and an active member of the United States Army Reserve.

Using education as a vehicle to impact the future of our youth, Ozzie also employs martial arts skills to reach youth and adults from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, teaching thousands, the way to carry on the tradition that began with Grand Master Wright


Grandmaster Donald Drumm – No Bio Provided


Trailblazers Category

Grandmaster Jimmie L. Mickens: 8th Dahn – Tae Kwon Do

Grandmaster Mickens has been the head instructor at Iron Dragon Martial Arts School of Karate since it opened in 2001. He is an 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Ho Shin Do. Grandmaster Mickens trained under Grandmaster S. R. Moreland who was recently inducted into the KMA Hall of Fame in 2014 and he is also Grandmaster S. R. Moreland’s highest ranking student. He has been teaching martial arts for over 35 years and has led numerous seminars on self-defense for non-profits, local schools and community organizations.

Grandmaster Mickens continues to be a mentor and positive influence in the lives of many of his students even after they have departed the local area. His passion for seeing the very best in every student no matter what disability or problem has helped to make Iron Dragon one of the “Best Martial Arts Schools” in the Atlanta area. Some of Grandmaster’s accomplishments include: Grand Championship at the American International Tournament Nov 1977
; Division Championship at the Battle of Atlanta in Aug 1976; 
Inducted into the Battle of Atlanta Hall of Fame Jul 2009

Grandmaster In Wan Kim – No Bio Provided

KJN Julio Torres – No Bio Provided