The idea of having an Ambassador team stems from the notion that a Hall Of Fame must be more than an event launched by an individual for the purpose of making money. There are countless such Halls Of Fame around, and I actually was inducted by a number of them before I realized there is no honour in purchasing your own award via an expensive dinner ticket. If one looks at Halls Of Fame from any other art or sport, inductees are the top of the line in whatever discipline, and they are chosen by a GROUP of people who wish to honour the achievements of the inductees.

Nowhere is there a true Hall Of Fame where induction can be had for a few dollars, and we KNOW it.  Selecting candidates for a true HOF takes people who understand WHAT makes someone special, and they also understand that not everyone qualifies. For most of us, a TRUE Hall Of Fame is out of our reach, and it is out of our reach for one reason … the lack of motivation. Motivation to excel, motivation to persevere when things don’t go well, and the motivation to work harder than anyone else in your particular discipline.   THAT is what it takes to be inducted, and to SELECT these kind of athletes takes someone who is unselfish enough to wish the best for others.

To find such a group of people is not easy. Sure, we get a lot of applications to join our Ambassador Team; however, most of those are submitted by people who expect something in return. Well, the ONLY return you will get as a KMAMHOF Ambassador is the satisfaction you receive when you see those who deserve it inducted.  Oddly enough, a number of our Ambassadors have actually gone on to be inducted.  Not really a surprise, because Ambassadors are humble, hard working, and caring enough to wish the best for others… precisely the king of people who should be in a Hall Of Fame.

If you wish to be part of this process, and you have what it takes, please complete the application (you can find that on our Facebook Page or e-mail me at, and send it to me. Although I will look at applications from all who wish to be part of our team, most applicants must have thirty plus years of experience. Please do NOT apply unless you are willing to participate in the process and attend our functions. No paper tigers needed.  We are looking for the Movers and Shakers of Korean martial arts who go above and beyond what the average practitioner does.

Like in every organization, there are those who choose to go the extra mile, and there are those who participate whenever it is convenient to them.  In the KMA Masters Hall Of Fame, we created an Ambassadors TEAM from the group who go the extra mile to help us make our events the best we can make them.  You can easily recognize our Ambassadors Team, because they wear Navy Blue Blazers that have a specially made crest that is not available to anyone else.  We salute each and every one of them for their unselfish service and dedication.  If YOU are interested in joining this team, give me a shout.

Ambassador Team Inductees

SJN Rudy Timmerman small
Grandmaster Rudy W. Timmerman: 9th Dahn and past GM of the art of Kong Shin Bup

GM Timmerman, on the insistence of his peers, was inducted as Living Legend into the 2014 KMA Masters Hall Of Fame

GM Timmerman created the KMA Masters Hall Of Fame with but one thing in mind… to recognize the contributions of the Movers and Shakers of Korean martial arts, so that those who follow will have an opportunity to learn more about them.  GM Timmerman is also the Founder of the National Korean Martial Arts Association, the Korean Martial Arts College, and the co-founder (with GM Michael DeAlba) of the Korean Martial Arts Brotherhood.  He has practised martial arts for more than sixty-five years, and still presents seminars around the globe.  He was appointed as the first inheritor (Saja Nim) of Kong Shin Bup by his teacher, GM Pak In Shyuk, and he was the guardian of that art until he passed it on to his highest ranking student, GM Kevin Janisse in 2010.


Grandmaster Kenneth MacKenzie: 10th Dahn Sin Moo Hap Ki Do
GM MacKenzie was inducted as Trailblazer into the 2014 KMA Masters Hall Of Fame

GM MacKenzie hosted the 2015 KMA Masters Hall Of Fame in historic Philadelphia, Pa, and he was instrumental in the decision to create the KMAMHOF.  In fact, I had chosen him to continue the event once I step down as founder.  Alas, with the great burden of leading the Son Moo Hap Ki Do group, he was unable to continue in the role of Executive Director.  I thank GM MacKenzie for the contributions he has made to the KMAMHOF; and, on behalf of the entire Ambassador Team, I wish him the very best in his endeavour of leading the Sin Moo group.

Grand Master Ken MacKenzie has over 200 tournament wins; and, although he has experience in Traditional Patterns/Forms and Weapons Forms competitions, he is best known for his accomplishments in Contact Fighting and Power Breaking (Wood, Concrete, etc.). Ken won the 1993, 1995 and 1996 National Breaking Titles and was the National Breaking Grand Champion in both 1995 and 1996. In 1996, Ken set a World Record by breaking 28 concrete blocks at on time. While GM MacKenzieʼs skill in the ring was very impressive, his skill as an Instructor is why I chose him to direct the StickMasters program in the State of New Jersey.

I met Grandmaster MacKenzie, now a tenth degree black belt under the guidance of DojuNim Ji Han Jae, while in Korea where we both attended the Hap Ki Do World Championships, and I was immediately taken by his relaxed and humble manner. Not often that you find such a high ranking martial artist who has remained humble, but I am very pleased to see that these are the very people who are the ones that are chosen to be inducted in our inaugural Hall O Fame.

Since that first meeting in Korea, we have kept in constant touch and became close friends who shared the mats in Australia, Canada, the US, and Europe. In fact, it was in Amsterdam we had a long discussion about the need for a true Korean Martial arts hof.  As we chatted in my native country Holland, I asked GM MacKenzie to host the second KMAM hof event in his home area. I did so, because I know him to be a man of vision, whom I trust to make the next event better than the one I am hosting next August. His experience to make events successful is what is needed to make the KMAM hof a household word, and he also agreed with my vision of hosting the KMAM event in different locations in order to better accommodate inductees.

It should by now have become clear that I am particularly fond of Grandmaster MacKenzie; however, this has not influenced my decision to see him inducted into the 2014 KMAM Hall Of Fame. In fact, he was chosen because of the many votes he received after being nominated, as well as his long list of accomplishments, and the many years of dedicated service to Korean martial arts.


Mc Murray
Grandmaster James Mc Murray: 9th Dahn Hap Ki Do
The first Ambassador to join the team, and he was inducted as Pioneer in 2014

Grandmaster McMurray was the very first Grandmaster who joined our Ambassador Team and he supported my idea of creating the KMA Masters Hall Of Fame from the very beginning.  He did so without expecting anything for himself; because, like all Ambassadors of the KMAMHOF, he simply wants to recognize the accomplishments of the Icons and Legends of KMA.  In fact, he was blown away when he was nominated for the 2014 inaugural KMA Masters Hall Of Fame, but it was no surprise to many of us that this humble man was chosen to be inducted.  True to his MO, Grandmaster Mc Murray continues to serve as Ambassador, and he is a highly respected member of our Ambassadors Team.

Grandmaster McMurray began his martial arts journey in 1962 at age twelve, and he received his first black belt at age twenty. He has studied martial arts for more than five decades, and he has trained with a number of renowned teachers including: Grandmaster In Sun Seo (Kuk Sool and Kido), Sensei Ralph Linquist and Grandmaster George Dillman (Isshinryu), Grandmaster Jim Brown (Moo Duk Kwan/Nam Moo Kwan Tang Soo Do), Sensei Lorraine Lewis (Shoreiryu), Master Michael Echanis (Hwarangdo), Master Owen McDonald (Okinawa-Te Weapons), and O-Sensei Philip Porter (Judo/Jujitsu).

Personal History:
Grandmaster McMurray is a former Special Forces / U.S. Ranger Combat Instructor who served two consecutive assignments in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with the 5th Special Forces Group at B-52 (CCC), and later TF2AE. He is a qualified sniper, an expert marksman with rifle and pistol, an expert in unarmed self-defense, and highly adept at unconventional warfare. He also specializes in “silent-sentry take-out” via pressure points, flex-weapon strangulation and bladed weapons. Grandmaster McMurray continues to share his vast knowledge of martial arts, life skills, and leadership, through exciting and thought-provoking seminars to the civilian population, as well as our great Nationʼs military forces.

Grandmaster McMurray, a 9th dahn, is the Founder and Director of the House of Discipline Martial Arts Group, based in the City of Harker-Heigts, TX, and founded in 1983 at Fort Hood, TX. He formulated the United Taekwondo Military System and the Moo Hap Sool Hapkido Society, both of which are currently taught in Afghanistan, Canada, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Panama and the United States. GM McMurray’s martial arts’ style is deemed to be one of the most effective hand-to- hand combat systems in the world by many martial arts, military, and police organizations.

Concerned about the direction and options for todayʼs youth, Grandmaster McMurray has taught martial arts, life skills, and leadership to children and teens, for more than 30 years. He has coached a number of youth and youth teams to win state, national, and international martial arts competition titles.


gm juerg ziegler - foto
Grandmaster Juerg Zeigler: 10th Dahn Sin Moo Hap Ki Do

GM Ziegler was inducted as Trailblazer into the 2014 KMA Masters Hall Of Fame.

Grandmaster Zeigler has, for the past several years, traveled all the way from Switzerland to attend our functions, and we very much appreciate his dedication.  GM Ziegler is renowned for his Asian Healing techniques, and he has starred and co-starred in several movies.  GM Ziegler is the head of the Sin Moo organization in Europe.

GM Juerg Ziegler is the permanent all European Headmaster and representative for Dojunim Ji, Han Jae since 1990. He is the senior Sin Moo Hapkido Student of Dojunim Ji, and the Sin Moo Pioneer for Europe since 1990. In 1992 he also became the permanent Headmaster and Representative for all Middle Eastern and Eurasian countries for Dojunim Ji. In June 2010 he was the first ever Non Korean and 2nd person worldwide to be promoted / tested to 10th Dan “Golden Belt” in Sin Moo Hapkido.

Other GMs he studied with are: GM Kang Ban Chuan (Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu, Chinese Medicine), GM Quek Heng Choon (Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung, Chinese Medicine), GM Low Koy Tho (Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu,Chinese Medicine), GM Austin Goh (Wing Chun Kung Fu, Ng Mui Pai, Chi Kung, Siu Lam Pak Tui, Tai Chi, Human Energy, etc.), GM Ernst Zbinden (SEZ-Jitsu), and many more!

Personal History:
Swiss native, born 1963 in Switzerland; started Martial Arts at 10 years of age, began teaching Martial Arts in 1982, opened his first own Martial Arts School in 1986 (Juerg Ziegler Martial Arts Centre – JZMAC). In the meantime he became true Pioneer for Martial Arts in all Europe, Middle East, East Europe and Asia and has students in more then 54 countries worldwide. Many of his students became Instructors, Masters, Senior Masters and Grandmasters in their own rights. Besides his own schools he is member / representative / advisor of more then 90 organisations worldwide.

In 1990 he set up the European Sin Moo Hapkido Association (ESMHA) and in 2002 he became Vice President of the new World Hapkido Association by Dojunim Ji. In May 2008 he established the World Community Sin Moo Hapkido (WCSMH). Books published by GM Ziegler: Wing Chun Kung Fu (1985), Chi Kung (1988), Guide for Breathing & Meditation (1988), Flying Eagle Hapkido (1988), Sin Moo Hapkido (1990), Self Defence (1987), Guo Lo Wing Chun Kung Fu 1 & 2 (2002), and many more. In 2011 he was the Co-Star in the Hollywood Movie “Extreme Counterstrike” and was nominated for the Pasadena Film festival 2012 in Hollywood in “Best Supporting Actor” Category. As is evident, GM Ziegler has a very diverse background in martial arts.


Grandmaster John Godwin: 10th Dahn Sin Moo Hap Ki Do

GM Godwin was inducted as Competitor into the 2014 KMA Masters Hall Of Fame.

Grandmaster Godwin and his son John Godwin Jr. joined the Ambassador Team in the very early stages of our HOF, and GM Godwin has served as the MC in 2014 as well as 2015.  We truly appreciate his skill behind the mic, and his organizing skills keep our events on track.  Frankly, without this great MC, our event would not be the same, and we are grateful for his support.

Chief Master John L. Godwin began his martial arts training in the late 1970’s, learning Hapkido and Tang Soo Do from Master Ki Yun Yi. After just a few months, he began a lifelong journey to master the martial arts by dedicating himself to practice six days a week. He would arrive early to help with the children’s classes and stay late practicing additional skills, and Master Yi rewarded this dedication with special instruction.

In 1983, Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin hired Master Godwin to work at the World Tang Soo Do Association Headquarters in Philadelphia as the chief instructor. This position allowed him to dedicate to martial arts full-time and have the opportunity to train with many masters in different aspects of martial arts to broaden his skills, such as kickboxing, weapons, training, studio management and operations.

In the mid-1990’s his friend Master Ken Mackenzie introduced him to Do Ju Nim Ji Han Jae, and John dedicated himself to the study of Sin Moo Hapkido hosting over 300 private instructor seminars with Do Ju Nim. Grandmaster Ji rewarded him by generously sharing his skills, philosophy, and ranking him among the top Hapkido practitioners in the world.

Personal History:
Chief Master John L. Godwin has over 35 years experience as a successful competitor, educator, and inspiring martial artist. Dedicated to training instructors since 1984 Master Godwin has produced over 1000 Black Belts through his 8 Full-time schools. His ability to communicate closely with his students has brought them many awards and successes. Many of whom are World Champion competitors, outstanding instructors, and masters of the highest caliber. Master Godwin now dedicates his time to training future leaders with his instructor training and leadership program.

In 1982, John was awarded his black belt and he began to distinguish himself in martial arts competition, earning over 150 First Place awards, 500 Trophies and Numerous Grand Championship Titles. In 1990, he was inducted into the Tae Kwon Do Times Hall of Fame as the Forms Competitor of the Year. As a well rounded performer, John became a World Champion in fighting, forms, weapons, and demo team competitions. In 1999, he won 2 Gold and a Silver Medal at the World Hapkido Games in Korea, as a representative of the U.S. Hapkido team.


gmRomines 2
Grandmaster Michael Romines: 9th Dahn Tang Soo Do
GM Romines was inducted as Pioneer into the 2015 KMA Masters Hall Of Fame

Grandmaster Romines and his lovely wife Judith joined our Ambassadors Team immediately after they heard about the creation of the KMA Masters Hall Of Fame, and they have attended every event since.  Like Grandmaster Mc Murray, GM Romines just wanted to serve.  In particular, he was interested in my efforts to recognize the contributions to Korean martial arts of a dear friend of both of us… Grandmaster Eugene Humesky.

Grandmaster M. Romines’ Martial Arts studies began in 1963 in Judo and Shotokan; he eventually received black belt ranks in both arts.

His study of Tang Soo Do began in 1965 under Grandmaster Sang Kyu Shim. Since then GM Romines has had the privilege to study under Grandmaster Hwang Kee, C.I. Kim, H. Murphy, J. Kleinfeld, Jae Chul Shin and Grandmaster William Clingan. GM Romines was awarded his 1st – 5th dans from the Korean Tang Soo Do Association. In 2006 GM Romines was awarded his 8th dan and Grandmaster certification from the All American Tang Soo Do Association. GM Romines then received his 9th Dan in 2013 from UMAB.

In 1974 GM Romines began the study of Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Humesky. In 2012 GM Romines was awarded his 8th Dan, Grandmaster certification in Tae Kwon Do from GM E. Humesky, from the UTB. GM Romines takes pride in the fact he is GM Humesky’s most senior student.

Personal History:
M. Romines was born in Flint Michigan. He is now retired from the Automotive Industry. M. Romines takes pride in his Native (Cherokee), heritage and volunteers much of his time at the North American Indian Association in Detroit Michigan. In his spare time he enjoys golfing and attending Pow Wow’s.

GM Romines has also studied Modern Arnis under founder Grandmaster Remy Presas and Aikido under founder Grandmaster Yujishiba.

GM Romines has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Who’s Who in the Martial Arts.

GM Romines served in several positions in the World Tang Soo Do Association, including Technical Advisory Chairman.

In 2013 GM Romines celebrated 50 years in the Martial Arts.


Ambassador Team Members

photo 3
Grandmaster Rich Hodder: 9th Dahn Tae Kwon Do

Grand Master Richard Hodder began training at the YMCA in Judo in 1963 and in Tae Kwon Do in 1964. His first instructors were Mr. Fred Criswell and GM Chuck Sereff in what was known then as the Western Tae Kwon Do Federation, later to become the United States Tae Kwon Do Federation. After that school closed he began training with GM Ki Sun Cho in Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon-Do in 1974. Since GM Cho’s retirement he has been training in conjunction with GM J. R. West and GM Dr. He-Young Kimm. Other notable Masters and Grand Masters that he has studied under include: Master Tae Ro Cho (Taekwondo), GM Sung Dal Cho (Taekwondo), Shihan Frank Goody (Judo, Shin Goju Ryu and Yawara), Dr. Vthor Braun (TKD and Kobudo), Sensei Bill Brassette (Shorin Ryu), Guru Todd Donaldson (Kali), GM J. R. West (Hapkido), and Dr. He-Young Kimm (TKD, Hapkido and Hanmudo).

Personal History:
GM Hodder was born in 1956 and has spent the majority of his life in Colorado. He joined the United States Marine Corp in 1974 and served as a Rifleman in Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Division until 1976. After serving his country he went on to study Adult Fitness/Exercise Physiology and Physical Education at the University of Colorado and Metropolitan State College. He has owned and operated successful Taekwondo/Hapkido schools in Colorado and Texas. GM Hodder and his wife Ms. Cedar Rose Guelberth (3rd Dan TKD) along with a team of dedicated Masters, conduct the Rocky Mountain Taekwondo and Korean Martial Arts Retreat in Carbondale, CO. This Retreat is focused on the holistic (body, mind, spirit) aspects of the KMA

Gold medalist 13 consecutive years CSTA
Gold (2x) Medalist US National TKD Championships
Competed in Open Circuit Championships for 30 years, winning several times 9th Dahn TKD – United States KMA Federation, and US GM Society
2nd Dahn HKD
2nd Dahn Kali
1st Dahn Judo
1st Dhan Goju Ryu and Shorin Ryu


Grandmaster Troy Trudeau: 8th Dahn Tae Sool Won

GM Troy started training at age 10, and he earned a First Dan in 1974. After spending 10 years training in Japanese Styles, he met GM Kang H. Rhee in Memphis, TN. GM Rhee is mostly known for teaching Elvis Presley and other such notables as Bill Wallace and Pricilla Presley. GM Troy spent more than 34 years with GM Rhee, President and Founder PaSaRyu Martial Arts Association, and he was promoted to 8th Dahn in PaSaRyu TKD,TSW and HKD in 2013. Only a handful of GM Rhees Students have been promoted to that level. GM Rudy Timmerman, President and Founder of NKMAA, recognized this 8th Dahn promotion by GM Rhee at the 2013 Gathering of Masters.

Personal History:
Troy Trudeau was born in Torrance, California in 1961. He started martial arts training in 1971, and graduated HS in 1979. He also received an Associateʼs degree in Mechanical Engineering, and he is now in process of finishing his BA in Business Management from the Mitchell Community College. Troy has taught martial arts to local, city, state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as security for churches and businesses. He has also taught military personnel at Fort Campbell Military Base in Clarksville, TN. Currently he resides in North Carolina, GM Troy continues to teach seminars, and he is currently training with GM Rudy Timmerman in the Stick Masterʼs program that was created by GM Rudy Timmerman.

GM Troy participated in the tournament scene from 1979 thru the early 90ʻs, on the Regional and National level; and, he has won a number of tournaments and grand championships, competing alongside many notables, such as: Billy Blanks, Christine Bannon Rodriguez, and Cynthia Rothrock, before they were the stars they are today.  All of them are friends to this day. GM Troy has been on ESPN, the Oakridge Today show, and several local TV stations. GM Troy is, and always will be, a student of martial arts, and he continues to pursue excellence in every aspect of martial arts and his daily life. He challenges himself everyday, and he even completing the famed “P90X” programs 3 times over at age 50, 51, and 52, showing the “You Can Do It” positive approach to all of lifeʼs challenges.


Kevin Janisse jpg
Grandmaster Kevin Janisse: 8th Dahn Kong Shin Bup

CM KevinJanisse started his martial arts training in 1983 as he was introduced to boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Kun Tao. In 1985 he started his life long training in the art of Kong Shin Bup, and he continues to learn and promote the art worldwide. In 1990 Master Janisse opened his first martial arts School in Charlevoix, MI and was ranked as one of the top 5 tournament competitors in the Midwest.

As Master Janisse continued to train and promote in the art of Kong Shin Bup and Kuk Sool, he began to develop programs using his unique skills to help security personnel, teachers, police, and military personnel. He was asked to become a member of the Canadian Kuk Sool demonstration team utilizing his ability to do high aerial falls, forms, techniques, and breaking.

In 1998 master Janisse started assisting grandmaster Timmerman with his International Seminars tours across North America utilizing a unique synergy that he and GM Timmerman share which is always well received. At this time GM Timmerman and he focused their effort on promoting the NKMAA and the art of Kong Shin Bup.

In 2000, after GM Timmerman spoke to him about the concept of the “virtual Dojang”, Master Janisse released a home study program utilizing the internet to do online testing and teaching. As the success of this program grew, he brought the technology to Grandmaster Timmerman who now uses it with his long distance training program.

CM Janisse has studied the arts of JuJitsu, Torte Jutsu, and Tai Chi to compliment the use of pressure points and energy flow. He has received various awards such as Black Belt of the Year, NKMAA Director of the year, and he was inducted into the WHFS Martial Arts hall of Fame.

Master Janisse has had the privilege to train with other Korean Instructors such as: GMs Ji, Han Jae; Seo, In Sun; Suh, In Hyuk; and Hwang, In Shik; and Hwang, Kwan Sung. As a competitor CM Janisse has earned over 200 tournament awards, multiple grand championships, and placed in two world championships.

In 2010, CM Kevin Janisse was appointed as the 3rd generation inheritor of the art of Kong Shin Bup Hap Ki Do and the NKMAA West Coast representative by Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman. He is the senior student of GM Timmerman and has been instrumental in supporting him in the NKMAA long distant training programs.


Judith Romines
Senior Master Judith Romines: 8th Dahn Tang Soo Do

Senior Master Romines started training with now Grandmaster Michael Romines in 1982; for the first two years as a member of Mid-Michigan Tang Soo Do, and the Universal Tae Kwon Do Brotherhood (UTB); learning Tang Soo Do as well as ITF and WTF Tae Kwon Do Forms. Received 1st Dan in 1986 as a member of the World Tang Soo Do Association.

During the 32 years Sr. Master Romines has studied Tang Soo Do with Grandmaster Romines she has also studied, but not received rank, in Judo and Aikido. Over the years Sr. Master Romines has had the privilege to receive instruction from Grandmaster E. Humesky, Grandmaster J.C. Shin, Grandmaster Wm. Clingan and Bill Wallace. In 2013 Senior Master Romines was honored to be awarded her 7th Dan by Grandmaster E. Humesky from the UTB and UMAB.

Personal History:
Judy Schlaff was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1962. Graduated High School in 1980 and married Michael Romines in 1985. She has a BA in Accounting from Madonna University and is currently the Controller for a General Contractor in Brighton, MI. Judy currently lives in Fenton, Michigan and teaches Tang Soo Do at the North American Indian Association in Detroit Michigan. In her spare time she takes weekly dressage horseback riding lessons and in the warmer months plays golf.

Sr. Master Romines participated in the tournament scene in the early 1980’s in Michigan and Ohio with some successes in forms competition. She has also had the opportunity to meet many of the pioneers of Korean Martial Arts in the United States including Grandmasters Sank Kyu Shim, Jae Joon Kim and C.I. Kim.

Sr. Master Romines currently serves as Vice President of the All American Tang Soo Do Association and Chief Instructor of First Nation Tang Soo Do.


T. Gordon copy
Chief Master Thomas Gordon: 7th Dahn Tae Kwon Do

Chiefmaster Gordon was inducted as Contributor into the 2015 KMA Masters Hall Of Fame

CM Gordon is a very hard working Master who is probably best known for the awesome Korean Martial Arts Festival he created just about ten years ago, and he was inducted into the KMAMHOF on the strength of this very event.  By sheer determination, he forged the KMAF into a “MUST ATTEND” event by both Black Belt and Tae Kwon Do Times magazines.  I am very proud to have been the very first GM to present at this awesome contribution to Korean martial arts.

CM Gordon started training in a closed martial art organization that eventually led to him partnering up with KJN Gregory Bledsoe in opening a school in a neighboring community. After five years of running the school, and ten years of traveling the United States to compete, CM Gordon wanted to get more in line with the original Taekwondo system and open a school in his hometown.

In 2003 he was able to open Gordon Martial Arts and align himself with two highly respected grandmasters, GM Hwang, KS (K-9-1) Unified ITF Tae Kwon Do, and GM Rudy W. Timmerman, founder of the National Korean Martial Arts Association. Since then he has traveled all over the United States, Canada, Korea, and Australia. While teaching most every walk of life and profession, being in an area heavy with military, Thomas has trained many levels of military personal including Special Operations, Special Forces, and most levels of law enforcement.

Personal History:
CM Gordon is a native Floridian with strong roots in the Crestview area, where he is the owner of Gordon A/C and Associates Inc. Keenly interested in the Crestview Community, CM Gordon also is a proud member of the Crestview City council. In 2012 he wrapped up playing Semi-Pro football at the Center position. He recently returned from his 2013 European tour teaching in Scotland, England, and Amsterdam.

Master Thomas Gordon is the host of the Korean Martial Art Festival and Northwest Florida Championships both located in Crestview, FL. CM Gordon is currently a seventh degree in Taekwon-Do; and, at the recent Sin Moo Hap Ki Do Summit in New Jersey, he was promoted to fourth degree by none other than DojuNim Ji.

Preparations for the 2015 Korean Martial Art Festival were underway before KMAF2014 even started. Not having easy options for a gathering of likeminded martial artists within driving distance, he is always excited to see old friends and make new friends at the Korean Martial Art Festival held every year in April. The KMAF has been regarded as one of the most important Korean Martial Art evens by international magazines such as Black Belt, Taekwondo Times, and Official Karate.


Moore copy
Chief Master Francis Moore: 7th Dahn Tae Kwon Do

CM Moore began taking martial arts lessons in April 1972 while in the U.S. Navy on board the U.S.S. Saratoga (CVAN 60), an aircraft carrier, while deployed to Southeast Asia in the Tonkin Gulf off the coast of Vietnam.

His first instructor was 1st Dahn Black Belt Moses Diaz a student of GM Kim Pyung Soo of Houston, Texas, in the Chayon System which included Taekwondo, Hapkido and Yudo. He was only able to work with Mr. Diaz for about 1 1⁄2 years on board the ship before Mr. Diaz was discharged from the Navy but he stayed in martial arts and worked primarily from books and magazines for the next few years on his own learning as much as he could while stationed in Jacksonville, FL, Norfolk, VA, Philadelphia, PA and aboard the ship in the Mediterranean Sea area.

After his discharge from the Navy he moved back to Iowa and started taking Taekwondo lessons from Master Joseph Philip in Waterloo, IA, and GM Kim In Mook in Des Moines, IA. He also attended many martial arts seminars and helped with a great many testings in Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and Iowa over the above time period.

Personal History:
Francis Moore was born in Centerville, Iowa on 18 October 1950 and became interested in martial arts while in the U.S. Navy in the Vietnam Arena since there wasn’t much else to do other than work. In April 1999 he opened his own school at a local wellness center in Waterloo, IA, and he has been teaching there since.

In 2002, Master Moore went on his own, and he began working closely with Master Fred Gommels of Rochester, MN; Master Ben Springer of Dubuque; and eventually with GM Rudy Timmerman, of Ontario, Canada. He has hosted workshops with GM Timmerman in Waterloo, and he and his students have attended NKMAA Summer camps, seminars, and testings for a number of years. CM Moore was recently appointed as the Iowa Director for Grandmaster Timmerman’s StickMasters program, and he continues to work the LDT program with GM Timmerman.  CM Moore was recently promoted to 7th Dahn by GM Rudy Timmerman of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.


Chief Master Dickson Kunz: 7th Dahn Kuk Sool

Dickson Kunz began his martial arts journey in the early 1970’s, narrowing his focus to Kuk-Sool Hap Ki Do by 1976. Fortunate to study under some of the best masters of this particular martial art, he is well-versed in both empty-hand and weapon forms, and is also quite knowledgeable when it comes to joint-locks, pressure points, and Ki training.

Personal History:
I met Senior Master Dickson Kunz while we were associated with the World Kuk Sool Association, and I have always found him to be a very kind hearted, and very accomplished Master. Being a humble man, he furnished me with just two paragraphs of information; and, I kind of chuckled when I compared his bio to those of people who trained for half the time Senior Master Kunz has served, but who sent me TOMES of bio pages. Unfortunately, unsuspecting public does not know the difference between a Master who is expert at keyboarding v/s a Master of Korean Martial Arts. I asked Senior Master Kunz for his help with two programs that are dear to my heart. The Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall Of Fame, and the StickMasters program. Without hesitation, he jumped right in to offer his assistance, and I appointed him as our Editor for the Manual, our Web site content, and the Book I am presently writing. With a background in martial arts that is very similar to mine, PLUS his eye for detail, his help will have a major impact on the quality of both projects. Thank you SM Kunz 🙂 Rudy W. Timmerman

• International Demo Team Member
• Consummate Seminar Instructor
• Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor (qualified to teach law enforcement)
• Featured in several Martial Art magazine articles
• Presenter of our Gum Sool workshop at the Gathering Of Grandmasters in 2010


Master Eldridge Holloway: 6th Dahn Tae Kwon Do

Master Holloway started training in 1973 at age 13 in Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do under now Grand master William L. Phillips, a student of GGM Ki Whang Kim and GM Francisco Conde in the D.C. area. He was promoted to Black Belt at age 16 in 1976. During his 42 plus years of martial arts training while pursuing his college degree at Kennesaw State University in 1991, Master Holloway started training in Tae Kwon Do under GM Jimmie Mickens, a 2015 inductee to the KMAMHOF. He then rose to his current rank of 5th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor at Iron Dragon. Maste Holloway has also trained in the Kali/Eskrima Filipino martial arts using stick and dagger weapons without obtaining rank with some basic seminar instruction from two well-known instructors Guru Ron Balicki and Guru Victor Gendrano Jr.

Personal History:
Master Eldrige C. Holloway was born in Rochelle, GA., in 1960 and shortly after his birth his parents moved to Washington, D.C. He graduated from H.D. Woodson SHS with honors in 1978. After high school he enlisted into the U.S. Air Force as a Security Policeman and served for 17 years spending half of that time in Europe in Germany and Turkey where he trained and competed whenever possible. After leaving military service he moved back to Georgia where his immediate family was living. He is a Cold War Veteran and a Gulf War I Veteran.

Master Holloway graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2004 with a B.S. Degree in Communication and then in 2005 he completed a Masters Degree in Conflict Management. He has worked as a part time faculty member at KSU since 2010 teaching classes in communications and martial arts for college credit. In 2010 Master Holloway started the Warrior Survivor Project-PTSD, to assist veterans and others battling post-traumatic stress by using martial arts as an alternative therapy treatment. Master Holloway was nominated in 2015 by GM S.R. Moreland, a 2014 KMAMHOF Inductee to become an Ambassador to the KMAMHOF. He is also the Junior Vice Commander of VFW Post 5408, Acworth GA. and a member of American Legion Post 45 in Canton, GA.


Master Holloway won the Bronze Medal for Black Belt Forms in his first international competition at the German Bavarian Karate Championships in Bamburg, Germany in 1979. In 2008 at the Battle of Atlanta, he was inducted into the Black Belt Officials Hall of Fame. Master Holloway has continued to make a successful impact in Hyung and weapons competitions whenever he competes. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Warrior Survivor Project-PTSD and a Master Instructor at Kennesaw State University and Iron Dragon Martial Arts School.


Master Eric Opazo: 5th Dahn Tae Kwon Do

Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall Of Fame KMAM Ambassador KJN Eric Opazo Master Eric Opazo has been an instructor under GM Jimmie Mickens at Iron Dragon Martial Arts School since it opened in 1991. He was also a 2nd Degree Black Belt in the Ho Shin Do soft style karate. He continued his path and eventually in 2006 he was promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt Master in Tae Kwon Do by GM Mickens.

Other GMs He Studied Under:
In Chile Master Opazo studied Kempo Karate under Shihon Arturo Pettit and Goju Ryu under Sensei Enzo Ramirez and obtained Black Belts under them. Personal History: Born in Chile Master Opazo was a member of the Chilean Air Force as a para-rescue specialist and he trained frequently with the U.S. Air Forces. He continued to expand his martial arts knowledge and experience in Kung Fu, Mui Tai, and in Kick Boxing before coming to the U.S. in 1989.

Master Opazo has been a valuable role model and source of information exemplifying the true warrior spirit of the arts. His humility resonates very well with our students at Iron Dragon and he is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise.

The cross training Master Opazo received from a multiple of martial arts disciplines gave him the experience he needed to win the U.S. Kumite Heavy Weight Division Championship in Atlanta in 2005. He was selected as an Ambassador to the KMAM Hall of Fame in 2015. He is also a successful business owner.


John Stahl - Passport Pic
Master John Stahl: 5th Dahn Hap Ki Do

John Stahl was first introduced to Hapkido while working as a Military Policeman in the US Army. He was very impressed with the effectiveness of the art and knew that he wanted to train in this discipline. After being honorably discharged, John began the search for a Hapkido Dojang in his home state of Michigan.

In 1992, he was fortunate enough to find a school in close proximity to his home and immediately joined. In his time as a student at this Dojang, John was able to gain a good understanding of fundamental Hapkido concept and technique. He also received training in Kickboxing.

After relocating to Ohio, John started training under Master Paul Choi. Master Choi ran a very traditional Dojang with an emphasis on not only physical, but also mental development. John faithfully trained with Master Choi and in August 1998 was awarded his 1st degree black belt in Hapkido. During this time, John assisted Master Choi in launching a successful martial arts program at Owens Community College. He also taught adult and children’s class at the Toledo South YMCA.

In 2003, John relocated to Tennessee. It was at this time that he was first introduced to NKMAA. At the urging of a local Master, John applied for GM Rudy Timmerman’s Band of Brothers LDT Program. John made his first trip to Canada in November 2003 and was immediately impressed with GM Timmerman’s “Old School” training methods.

In November 2005, John completed the program and was awarded his 1st degree black belt in Kong Shin Bup. He was also awarded a 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido. John continued to maintain a LDT relationship with GM Timmerman and established the Mid- South Martial Arts Club. He also participated in Judo and Jujitsu training to insure adequate mat time.

In August 2013 at the 40th Anniversary of NKMMA, John was awarded a 5th degree black belt in Hapkido by GM Timmerman. Equally gratifying to John was that his son/ student Jacob earned a 1st degree black belt in Hapkido.

John has been married to his wife Jauiece for 25 years and has two grown children, Jacob and Bridget. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and works professionally in Operations Management.


Master Rob Poll: 5th Dahn Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do

KJ Poll began his martial arts journey in 1990 when he enrolled in a high school self- defence program run by a local Kuk Sool Won Instructor. He then spent the next 20 years practicing the art of Kuk Sool Won with KJN Martin Ducker, a student of KJN Philip Holmes, a direct student of GM Suh, In Hyuk. During that time KJ Poll attended regular seminars and workshops with a number of prominent, high ranking, masters within the KSW system. In 2010 KJ Poll left the WKSA in search of a greater understanding of Korean Martial Arts, he has done so under the guidance and tuition of GM Rudy Timmerman, NKMAA, with the study of Kuk Sool HapKiDo.

Personal History:
KJN Rob Poll lives on the East Coast of the United Kingdom and began his formal Martial Arts training at the age of 16. As a shy, overweight and very unsure teenager, martial arts did not come naturally to him and required a great deal of self-discipline and perseverance. After reaching 1st degree black belt in 1994, he realised that his continued progress would require a higher level of training; for the next four years he built a strong foundation in the art by using a simple process, ‘Eat, Sleep, Train’. During that time, and the following years, KJ Poll became a principal instructor at the Lowestoft Kuk Sool Won School, teaching classes of 50+ students from 4 to 75 years old. During this time, he performed in many national demonstrations and exhibitions around the UK. He attained his ‘Master’ certification (5th Dahn) in the art of Kuk Sool HapKiDo in 2012.

KJN Poll’s greatest achievements in martial arts are: ‘Stepping through the door to attend his first class’, and ‘Overseeing the tuition of hundreds of students who made martial arts a part of their lives’. KJ Poll found himself part of group of students within the WKSA UK Schools who competed against each other in tournaments over a number of years. During that time, this group was said to have raised the quality level of the art within the UK with their high standards of practice. KJN Poll competed regularly in United Kingdom and European KSW championships, winning the overall Grand Championship title each time he entered. His tournament success culminated in being awarded a World Championship title at the 2005 WKSA World Championships, Busan, Korea.


Godwin Jr.
Assistant Master John Godwin Jr:

John Godwin Jr. began training in martial arts at 4yrs old in 1995 at his father’s Korean Martial Arts Institute Studio’s in Delaware. He received his Black Belt in Tang Soo Do at 10 yrs of age (the youngest age of eligibility) from Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin and the WTSDA. He also began Sin Moo Hapkido at age 8 and attending seminars with his father, GM Ken Mackenzie and Dojunim Ji Han Jae. He has had the pleasure of learning from many of the top Korean Martial Arts Grandmasters and Leaders from around the world.

Personal History:
As John grew so did his rank and standing as a martial arts instructor, he began teaching professionally at age 16 and is a full time Sah Bum Nim at the KMAI Studio’s. He presently holds the Rank of Third Degree Black Belt Instructor from the World Tang Soo Do Association and Forth Degree Black Belt Instructor in Sin Moo Hapkido with the World Sin Moo Hapkido Federation. John has spent the last 6 years serving as the assistant to many grandmasters; being the attacker for all of the seminars he attends. GM Kenneth MacKenzie receives the credit for personally teaching John to have exceptional Falling Skills that allow his Sin Moo Hapkido to advance to the highest levels. He has traveled as the personal assistant to Founder Dojunim Ji Han Jae, GM Ken MacKenzie and his father. He is presently a senior at the University of Delaware where he will graduate from the business school with a degree in organizational and community leadership.

Participating in Tournaments since childhood John has always earned some level award, medal or trophy each time he competed. As he has grown his confidence and skill have matured making him an accomplished competitor and world Champion. His skills have been polished to encompassed all areas of competition Weapons – Forms – Fighting – Breaking and Demo Team competitions. Mastery being the ultimate goal; he is now eligible for the Tang Soo do masters candidate program and is a certified Center Referee. He has studied the best methods for teaching and school administration and looks forward to developing the next generation of leaders and instructors. I have had the pleasure of seeing this young man on the mats in NKMAA events for a number of years, and I am extremely happy he has agreed to perform with the TSD demo team of Grandmaster Godwin Senior at the KMA Masters Hall Of Fame.

Condensed Bio provided by GM Godwin


Assistant Master Steve Jensen: 4th Dahn Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do

SBN Jensen is a fourth dahn in Kong Shin Bup (2013), and studies Kuk Sool Hapkido under Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman, and KJN Ronda Bourdage in Sault Ste Marie, Canada. He started martial arts at the age of 25 in Espanola and Little Current, Ontario, where he training under Hanshi Israel Segarra in Goju Kai. SBN Jensen also trained with Sensei Dan Fletcher in Massey and received an orange belt in Goju Kai from him.

Currently, he participates in Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do classes with KJMS, under KJN Ronda Bourdage; Ancient Fighting Arts (AFA), under Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman and Bobby Clement PSN (the school owner); and he also trains in Wado Kai with Sensei Hough Lougheed.

Personal History:
Steven Jensen was born on August 19, 1972 in Blind River, Canada. He grew up in Elliot Lake and Blind River in Northern Ontario.  Steven resides in Sault Ste Marie, and works full time at a Call Centre (Response Associate) for roadside assistance. He trains in martial arts regularly, enjoys some running, and studies piano at Thomas Walls School of Music. He also enjoys running in the annual Terry Fox Run.

* Fourth dahn in Kong Shin Bup
* First dahn in Grappling
* Level 1 Stickmaster
* Masters in Economics (Carleton University)