2014 Inductees

Honour Roll 2014 copy

2014 Honour Roll


Legend Category – Inductees Who Are No Longer With Us:
GM Choi Yong Sool (1904-1986); GM Choi Hong Hi (1918-2002); GM Pak In Shyuk (1939-1995); GM Jae Chul Shin (1921-2012); GM E. Humesky (1921-2013).

Living Legend Category – Inductees with 60+ years in the arts:
DojuNim Ji Han Jae, GM Chong Lee, GM David Praim, GM Rudy W. Timmerman.

Pioneer Category – Inductees with 50+ years in the arts:
GM Serge Baubil, GM James McMurray, GM Ivan Bergeron, GM Detlef Klos

Trailblazer Category – Inductees with 35+ years in the arts:
GM Ken MacKenzie, GM Shelton Moreland, GM Juerg Ziegler

Competitor Category – Inductees who are World Class Competitors:
GM Don James, GM John Godwin

Contributor Category: Inductees who have contributed in various ways.
GM Chun Eun Kim (TKD Times Publisher); Jane Hallendar (Author)


What does it take to be inducted into the KMA Masters Hall Of Fame

Most martial arts Halls Of Fame are designed to make money for the host, and that is OK; however, making money can’t be a cause to disregard the qualifications of those to be inducted.  Alas, many, if not most, of the Halls Of Fame around today do just that, and they will induct anyone who has the price of an expensive dinner ticket without regard to the contributions (or lack thereof) the inductees have made to Korean martial arts.  As a result, too many of these Halls Of Fame make a mockery out of the very idea of honouring the Icons and Legends who truly deserve it.

It was with this in mind that I conceived the idea of making a Hall Of Fame where inductees can NOT purchase their way into our HOF.  Indeed, nominations are invited from the more than 3000 (and growing) members of our KMA Masters Hall Of Fame Facebook Group and our Ambassadors. Once posted on the group pages, members of our group can vote for his or her candidate, and we select those Icons and legends who live closest to wherever we host that year’s event.

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Grandmaster David Praim
Inducted as Living Legend in the 2014 KMA Masters Hall Of Fame

With strict standards, where the “Living Legends Category” requires sixty or more years of time in grade, the “Pioneer Category” requires fifty or more years time in grade, and the “Trailblazer Category” requires no less than thirty-five years of time in grade, we fully understand that THIS Hall Of Fame is not populated by youngsters.  Thus, it is imperative that we consider that traveling long distances is not in the best interest of our candidates; hence, because we wish to accommodate and care about the health of our inductees, the KMAMHOF is a traveling event.

Naturally, many of those nominated are unable to attend.  After all, we ARE inviting Icons and Living Legends, and they are BOUND to be very busy people.  Because we do not wish to be considered a “mail order” Hall Of Fame, we insist that Inductees attend in person, and that makes finding the right people most difficult.  It is even hard to understand for those who submitted nominations, when the person they nominated is not on the roster for Inductees… they forget that we do NOT send our awards out by mail.


Grandmaster James Mc Murray
Inducted as Pioneer in the 2014 KMA Masters Hall Of Fame
Flanked by students who traveled all the way from Ft Hood, TX to Canada to celebrate with him

To keep in line with the idea that inductions can not be bought, the KMAMHOF pays for the award dinner and the awards. Unfortunately, since we ARE a non profit organization, we do NOT have the funds available to pay for travel expenses and lodging.  Together, and much to our satisfaction, this means we induct very few Icons of Korean martial arts each year.  This is much more meaningful for our Inductees, because we can focus on each and every one of them.  OUR Inductees do not stand in line (alongside of a horde of practitioners no one has ever heard of) to receive the award they earned with their dedication to Korean martial arts.

Last, our events usually are held in conjunction with a special training session, and sometimes we even have Inductees share their knowledge with eager participants who came to support their induction.  Always, we have very high ranking Grandmasters and Masters on hand to share their wisdom and skills with participants, and this makes for an entire weekend where you can “Soar With the Best”.  Please check out our Facebook Page for details on the next KMAMHOF.